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11 2012-04-11 Timothy Murphy leaves announced Electronic Attack Squadron commander 1 found
12 2012-01-02 Jacques Gaignard enters announced Settlement of Avoyelles commander 1 found
13 1889-05-31 War Elihu Root enters announced California Commandery commander 1 found
14 1861-06-15 Darius Nash Couch enters announced 7th Massachusetts Infantry commander 1 found
15 1942-08-15 William Henry Vanderbilt III enters announced Mount Hope Bridge Commission commander 1 found
16 2009-07-07 Nathan Mugisha enters announced AMISOM commander 1 found
17 2011-03-09 Kevin Harms leaves announced Strike Fighter Squadron commander 1 found
18 David Petraeus leaves announced Multi-National Force CBS commander 1 found
19 2012-04-18 William Mosk leaves announced Naval Station Rota commander 1 found
20 1941-12-30 Roger P. Hill enters announced HMS Ledbury commander 1 found
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