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untitled document

…the State Department buying up $70,000 worth of President Obama's various books. However, on October 21,…

first seen 2012-02-23 on newsbusters.org

Chuck Todd News and Video - FOX News Topics - FOXNews.com

… for 'our pollsters are concerned' comment President Barack Obama 's private musings while waiting to be…

first seen 2012-04-30 on foxnews.com

Missouri Governor Defends Ferguson Prosecutor - Businessweek

…a state court judge said last week. President Barack Obama has offered assurances of a fair investigation…

first seen 2014-08-27 on businessweek.com

#BlackLivesMatter On ‘Scandal’: Courtney B. Vance Talks Racism | News One

… edition of The Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast, President Barack Obama shifts focus to African American women and Black…

first seen 2015-09-25 on newsone.com

Keith Olbermann | NewsBusters.org

…to drive up gas prices in order to harm President Obama. Such was said on ABC's This Week …

first seen 2012-05-03 on newsbusters.org

Obama Hasn't Said Anything About Killing Of American General | The Daily Caller

…He and his wife live on Capitol Hill. President Barack Obama has yet to say anything publicly about the death…

first seen 2015-09-04 on dailycaller.com

untitled document

…that include trying to sell an appointment to President Barack Obama's old Senate seat.  Blagojevich's…

first seen 2012-02-23 on usnews.msnbc.msn.com

Jimmy Fallon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

… University of North Carolina . His guest was President Barack Obama, who spoke primarily about Congress potentially…

first seen 2014-10-16 on en.wikipedia.org

Betty White Gets Roasted by A-List Stars on 90th Birthday Bash

… a bunch of property from " 30 Rock ". President Barack Obama contributed to the show, making a joke about…

first seen 2014-08-11 on aceshowbiz.com

untitled document

… 03/24/2010 Their votes helped deliver President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. Now, dozens of…

first seen 2013-07-15 on us.simplenewz.com

untitled document

…  (Credit: NBC) President Obama took a detour through late-night television…

first seen 2012-03-13 on salon.com

Chuck Todd News and Video - FOX News Topics - FOXNews.com

…contributing editor to Meet the Press. PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Thank you. The Politico headline…

first seen 2012-04-30 on foxnews.com

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

…[ 61 ] She appeared in a video which urged President Obama to reject the proposal of the Keystone XL…

first seen 2014-08-20 on en.wikipedia.org

The Voice | NBC Official Site: Watch The Voice, Shows, Episodes ...

…Voice' Performance Show... More » President Barack Obama To Make First Appearance On NBC's "Late Night…

first seen 2012-04-23 on nbc.com

untitled document

…Alexander from Sligo, Ireland to talk about President Barack Obama’s upcoming trip to Berlin, Germany and the…

first seen 2013-07-14 on today.msnbc.msn.com

untitled document

…charge - trying to sell an appointment to President Barack Obama's old Senate seat. Minutes after the one…

first seen 2013-07-20 on cbsnews.com

Robin Williams dead; he was battling depression - CNN.com

…community and beyond Monday . President Barack Obama's statement sent from the White House summed it…

first seen 2014-10-07 on edition.cnn.com

Climate speech's tepid reception - POLITICO

… glitches in U.S.-funded software By Darius Tahir President Barack Obama's $30 billion stimulus program to help doctors…

first seen 2015-09-12 on politico.com

untitled document

… and pleaded: "So what responsibility does President Obama have in terms of dealing with income…

first seen 2012-04-20 on newsbusters.org

EU delegation meeting at White House over NSA spying concerns - CNN.com

…2, 2013 -- Updated 1356 GMT (2156 HKT) President Barack Obama responds to outrage by European leaders over…

first seen 2014-10-09 on edition.cnn.com

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