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Podcast | The Daily Texan

…abortion legislation. The trio also talk about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's vetoes and the ongoing wait for Fisher v.…

first seen 2015-09-14 on dailytexanonline.com

untitled document

…for Texas Southern University established by Texas Governor Rick Perry. His colleagues named him Chair of the Texas…

first seen 2012-02-23 on tsu.edu

Laurie Bennett - Billionaire Net - Forbes

…last year when he proposed a $10,000 bet with Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Not only was the sum beyond most voters’…

first seen 2014-09-14 on forbes.com

untitled document

… who has been sheriff for 19 years, has endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president and is considering running for…

first seen 2012-02-23 on usatoday.com

CAIN: Economic crisis requires real tax reform - Washington Times

… (a stance apparently shared by Mrs. Bachmann and Texas Gov. Rick Perry). The capital gains tax is nothing more than a…

first seen 2015-09-19 on washingtontimes.com

North Carolina Debates Film Subsidies | The Daily Caller

…secretary Norris Tolson told WRAL. (RELATED: Texas Gov. Rick Perry Wants Tesla in Texas) For North Carolina,…

first seen 2014-10-17 on dailycaller.com

untitled document

… UPI / 12:44PM SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry has put on hold plans to fix leaks in the roof…

first seen 2013-07-13 on news.usti.net

untitled document

…closet. 200 Executions and Counting: Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Cruel Death Tally Posted on June 02,…

first seen 2013-08-15 on uslaw.com

Syndicated columnist Molly Ivins dies - politics - msnbc.com

…Why bother?” she wrote in a 2002 column. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whom Ivins had playfully called “Governor…

first seen 2015-09-25 on nbcnews.com

Law Blog Gossip Column: Patrick Fitzgerald Is Off the Market - Law Blog - WSJ

…in on Case Against Texas Gov. Rick Perry Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he did nothing wrong in trying to oust a…

first seen 2014-09-02 on blogs.wsj.com

untitled document

…former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and Texas Gov. Rick Perry going into the closing days before the Jan. 21…

first seen 2012-03-13 on firstread.msnbc.msn.com

Law Blog Gossip Column: Patrick Fitzgerald Is Off the Market - Law Blog - WSJ

…Legal Experts Weigh in on Case Against Texas Gov. Rick Perry Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he did nothing…

first seen 2014-09-02 on blogs.wsj.com

Peter Wagner Addresses Apostolic Influence on American Politics

…the movement??? either helped plan or spoke at Texas Gov. Rick Perry???s prayer event, The Response, at Houston???s…

first seen 2012-04-26 on charismanews.com

Republican Party presidential debates, 2012 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

…and was notable for being the first to include Texas Governor Rick Perry , who attracted attention for stating his belief…

first seen 2014-09-10 on en.wikipedia.org

untitled document

…Governor Tim Pawlenty, and a 6-to-1 lead over Texas Governor Rick Perry, but you wouldn't know it from listening to the…

first seen 2013-08-08 on newsfocus.org

Kay Bailey Hutchison

… post in the autumn of 2009 in order to challenge Texas Governor Perry for the Republican Party nomination. [ 51 ] …

first seen 2014-08-16 on en.wikipedia.org

untitled document

… Click here to view this media Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Sunday praised a Florida jury's decision…

first seen 2013-07-15 on voicesweb.org

untitled document

…  |  11 Texas Gov. Rick Perry is finally a presidential candidate. A spokesman…

first seen 2012-03-13 on blog.timesunion.com

Republican Party - RationalWiki

… Reince Priebus: Current chairman of the RNC.[17] Rick Perry: Texas Governor, mass murderer, secessionist, and candidate for…

first seen 2015-09-20 on rationalwiki.org

untitled document

…lawmakers look to Texas for salvation Texas Gov. Rick Perry couldn't have written the script better…

first seen 2013-07-12 on latimesblogs.latimes.com

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