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…audience. When Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush face each other for 90 televised minutes in…

first seen 2013-08-08 on nydailynews.com

VP Richard B. Cheney

…Cheney was living in Dallas when Texas Governor George W. Bush began preparing to run for president in 2000.…

first seen 2014-09-29 on senate.gov

untitled document

…to know the answers. You might also wonder why Texas Governor George W. Bush would choose George Shultz, who negotiated the…

first seen 2013-08-05 on crossroad.to

Murder of Selena

…On April 12, 1995, two weeks after her death, George W. Bush ( governor of Texas at the time) declared her birthday Selena Day …

first seen 2014-08-25 on en.wikipedia.org

untitled document

…Al Gore. A ruling favorable to Texas Gov. George W. Bush could exclude those Broward ballots and boost…

first seen 2013-07-15 on 1worldcommunication.org

The latest Obama cheerleader is ... Dick Cheney? - Dick Cheney ...

…he writes about an early meeting with Texas Gov. George W. Bush. The Cheney Regency featured a canny…

first seen 2012-04-30 on salon.com

Background history of the September 11, 2001 attacks - TvWiki, the free encyclopedia

…in Afghanistan begins. September 23, 1999: Texas Governor George W. Bush predicts on his Presidential Exploratory…

first seen 2015-09-17 on tvwiki.tv

Governorship of Mike Huckabee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

… friends with Gov. Jim Hunt of North Carolina and Gov. George W. Bush of Texas. They've shared their comprehensive assessment…

first seen 2014-09-14 on en.wikipedia.org

Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2000 - The Full Wiki

… lacked an incumbent President or Vice President. Texas Governor George W. Bush, son of the last Republican president, took an…

first seen 2015-08-27 on thefullwiki.org

untitled document

…needed ] In addition, Enron worked with Texas governor George W. Bush to ensure the continuation of a "production tax…

first seen 2013-08-12 on sourcewatch.org

untitled document

…of 2000, between Vice President Albert Gore and Texas governor George W. Bush, resulted in an indeterminate result. After…

first seen 2013-07-17 on answers.com

Political scientists think "the party" will stop Trump. They shouldn't be so sure. - Vox

…correctly predicted cases are the victories of Texas governor George W. Bush in 2000 — who, of course, had many clear…

first seen 2015-09-25 on vox.com

Buchanan Bolts G.O.P. for Reform Party Run - New York Times

…his third-party course, he was attacked by Gov. George W. Bush of Texas, the Republican front-runner who is considered…

first seen 2014-08-22 on nytimes.com

Webster Parish, Louisiana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

… Walter F. Mondale . [ 13 ] In 2000, Governor George W. Bush of Texas won in Webster Parish with 9,420 votes (55.1…

first seen 2014-09-28 on en.wikipedia.org

untitled document

…Party Presidential nomination, losing to Texas Governor George W. Bush . Senate Career According to…

first seen 2012-03-13 on sourcewatch.org

untitled document

…His return from oblivion is simple: His nephew, Gov. George W. Bush of Texas, has emerged as the odds-on favorite for next…

first seen 2012-03-13 on observer.com

untitled document

…campaigned for Senator John McCain and later Texas Governor George W. Bush after the latter secured the Republican …

first seen 2012-03-13 on library.kiwix.org

untitled document

…the " compassionate conservatism " ideology of George W. Bush , the Governor of Texas . [ 11 ] On one of these occasions he…

first seen 2013-07-17 on answers.com

untitled document

… - United States presidential election, 2000 : Republican candidate Texas Governor George W. Bush defeats Democratic Vice President Al Gore …

first seen 2013-08-09 on reference.com

untitled document

… The leader for the Republican nomination was Texas Governor George W. Bush , who had the political and financial support of…

first seen 2012-03-13 on tutorgig.info

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