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1 Palin as his choice John McCain Senator 3 found
2 he had chosen Palin as his running mate. John McCain Republican presidential candidate 3 found
3 at the debate we need to know the full extent of Sen. Obamas relationship with ACORN. John McCain Senator 3 found
4 And the fact that this has become such an important part of your campaign John McCain Senator 3 found
5 in Kansas City, Missouri, that as president he will make sure the country doesn't pull out of Iraq until the war is won ... The N-Word And Why Black Power Could Keep Obama Out Of The White House John McCain Republican presidential candidate 2 found
6 "Chairman [Carl] Levin and I met today with representatives of the Joint Staff with the expectation of receiving information on the ongoing investigation into possible misconduct involving military personnel during the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia.; We requested this briefing to inform us as to any national security implications resulting from such misconduct," John McCain Senator 2 found
7 questions over whether he identifies himself as a Baptist or an Episcopalian are not as important as his overarching faith. John McCain presidential candidate 2 found
8 Now is not the time to repeal the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the U.S. armed forces John McCain Senator 2 found
9 The Republican National Convention will cut back most of its activities Monday because of Hurricane Gustav John McCain Senator 2 found
10 I've served this nation honorably for more than half a century; At no time have I ever done anything that would betray the public trust. John McCain four-term senator and former Navy pilot 2 found
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