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1 I admired Gene enormously for his courage in challenging a war America never should have fought Edward M. Kennedy Senator 2 found
2 Mr. Church was a ''courageous leader against the war in Vietnam.' Edward M. Kennedy Senate colleague 1 found
3 the indictment marked a ”signifying a new low since Watergate in terms of openness and honesty in our government.” Sen. John Kerry who ran unsuccessfully against Bush last year, called the case ”evidence of White House corruption at the very highest levels. Edward M. Kennedy Senator 1 found
4 It appears she [Radack] was effectively fired for providing legal advice that the [Justice] Department didn't agree with. Edward M. Kennedy Senator 1 found
5 Robert called the judge. Edward M. Kennedy Senator 1 found
6 his father never fretted over how history would record his conduct Edward M. Kennedy son 1 found
7 it (paraphrasing it even further), to conclude his eulogy to his late brother after his assassination (8 June 1968): Some men see things as they are and say why Edward M. Kennedy brother 1 found
8 he is "extremely troubled" by the von Spakovsky nomination. Edward M. Kennedy Senator 1 found
9 with Senator Kennedy Interactive photo gallery featuring personal photos with Sen. Kennedy President Obama's Eulogy for Ted Kennedy Read the text of the President's touching remarks Watch Video from Friday's Memorial Service Click for video from the JFK Library in Boston Share Your Memories and Sympathies with Senator Kennedy's family Arrangements From the Family The life of Ted Kennedy A Lifetime of Service Commitment to Massachusetts In His Own Edward M. Kennedy Senator 1 found
10 “This board has undermined collective bargaining at every turn, putting the power of the law behind lawbreakers, not law victims,” Edward M. Kennedy Senator 1 found
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