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11 despite the cruelties of our world and ravages of diseases, millions of lives can be saved if we are focused and if we work together Barack Obama President 5 found
12 it does seem odd to me that these new charges, which appear to be a repackaging of the old charges, should be surfacing now, years after these two individuals have been in prison and as they become eligible for parole. Barack Obama President 4 found
13 he is personally hurt when people call him anti-Semitic for his support the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and six... 08/31/15, 08:39 AM EDT Kanye West: I'm running for president in 2020 08/31/15, 08:37 AM EDT Dick Cheney on Biden: 'Go for it, Joe' Barack Obama President 4 found
14 Those days are gone.; Gone! Barack Obama African-American 4 found
15 with CNN that "you had executives of BP and Transocean and Halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else" when referring to the congressional hearings held during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill Barack Obama President 4 found
16 his intent to nominate the following individuals today Barack Obama President 4 found
17 when he honoured greats from the world of film, music and books on Wednesday night. Sunday Times is giving twenty lucky readers plus their partners the chance to attend the 'reincarnated' star studded 'Kings Of Chaos Barack Obama President 4 found
18 his intent to nominate the following individuals to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Barack Obama President 4 found
19 his intention to nominate Dawn Johnsen to the position of Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel Barack Obama President 4 found
20 everyone was proud of Sullenberger's "heroic and graceful job in landing the damaged aircraft", and thanked the A320's crew, whom he invited to attend his inauguration as President in Washington, D.C., five days later. Barack Obama Then President 3 found
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