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1 Trayvon Martin could have been me, 35 years ago Barack Obama President 14 found
2 U.S-Israeli ties and challenged detractors to impugn his administration???s record of support for the Jewish state Barack Obama President 8 found
3 during closing arguments at the former Illinois governor's corruption trial Barack Obama federal prosecutor 6 found
4 his intent to appoint the following individuals to key Administration posts Barack Obama President 6 found
5 " We don't yet know how any potential dialogue will have been affected until we see what has happened inside of Iran. Barack Obama President 6 found
6 international cooperation in the response to the Syrian refugee crisis Barack Obama President 5 found
7 his intent to nominate the following individuals to key Administration posts Barack Obama President 5 found
8 despite the evil intentions of some Guantánamo detainees and the undeniable fact that Al Qaeda terrorists are determined to attack America again, United States citizens should not feel uneasy about a relatively small number of detainees being imprisoned in the American homeland. Barack Obama President 5 found
9 the long-standing Interior Department commitment to permit 10,000 MW of renewable energy projects on public land in 2012 Barack Obama President 5 found
10 to introduce a fundamental change in U.S. foreign policy, engage in dialogue with perceived adversaries (Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria), in the pursuit of viable solutions to the regional crises involved Barack Obama incoming President 5 found
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