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CompanyEmployeesNumber of California

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Companies in CompanyEmployeesNumber CompanyEmployeesNumber
unit company location employeesnumber
Recology California 2,000
   Joel Goergen
Joel Goergen California 5
   Toronto Star
Toronto Star California 10,000
   The Modesto Bee
The Modesto Bee California 150
   Apple Computer Inc.
Apple Computer Inc. California 32,000
   Varian Medical Systems
Varian Medical Systems California 3,000
   PFFJ (Pigs For Farmer John) Inc.
operations PFFJ (Pigs For Farmer John) Inc. California 95 employees
   XOMA Ltd.
XOMA Ltd. California 215 employees
   The John Stewart Company
The John Stewart Company California 1,000
Hawthorne California more than 3,000
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