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EmploymentRelation of judge

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Person_employees in EmploymentRelation EmploymentRelation
person_employer date position person_employee status
   Sonia Sotomayor
Barack Obama 1999 judge Sonia Sotomayor
   Syafiuddin Kartasasmita
Tommy Suharto 2002 judge Syafiuddin Kartasasmita
   Gary Hicks
John Lynch 2006-01-26 judge Gary Hicks
   Eric Holder
Ronald Reagan 1988 judge Eric Holder
   Patricia Ann Millett
Barack Obama 2013-06-04 judge Patricia Ann Millett
   Harlan Grooms
Vivian Juanita Malone Jones 1963 judge Harlan Grooms
   Reggie B Walton
Rehnquist 2005-10-01 judge Reggie B Walton
   Robert M. Bell
Parris N. Glendening 1996 judge Robert M. Bell
   J.W. Phipps
Zell Miller 1995 judge J.W. Phipps
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