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EmploymentRelation of Secretary of State

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Person_employers in EmploymentRelation EmploymentRelation
person_employer date position person_employee status
   Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover 1929 Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson
   James Madison
James Madison 1811 Secretary of State James Monroe
   Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster 1852-10 Secretary of State Edward Everett
   George W. Bush
George W. Bush 2004-11-16 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
   Harry Truman
Harry Truman 1945 Secretary of State James F. Byrnes James Francis Byrnes
   George H. W. Bush
George H. W. Bush 2004-11-16 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
   Barack Obama
Barack Obama 2008-12-01 Secretary of State Hillary Rodham
   Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953-01 Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
   Jean Chrétien
Jean Chrétien 1997 Secretary of State John Turner
   Gregory XVI
Gregory XVI 1843-04-27 Secretary of State Pecci Archbishop
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