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Opponents in VotingResult VotingResult
date winningcandidate opponent location politicalevent
   Lisa Murkowski
2010 Joe Miller Lisa Murkowski United States Republican primary
   Trey Grayson
2010-05-19 Rand Paul Trey Grayson United States the primary
   Elizabeth Dole
2008 Kay Hagan Elizabeth Dole United States Senate Election
   Jim Curley
1944 Harry S. Truman Jim Curley United States presidential election
   Richard Nixon
1960 John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon United States presidential election
   Wendell Willkie
1940 Cordell Hull Wendell Willkie United States presidential election
   Charles W. La Follette
1944 Harry S. Truman Charles W. La Follette United States presidential election
   Barry Goldwater
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson Barry Goldwater United States presidential election
   Mike Gravel
1980 Clark Gruening Mike Gravel United States Senate primary election
   James K. Vardaman
1918 Harrison Papers James K. Vardaman United States Senate race
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