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PersonAttributes of London

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Persons in PersonAttributes PersonAttributes
birthdate birthplace gender person age
   John Howard Davies
1939-03-09 London M John Howard Davies
   John Peter Farnham
1949-07-01 London M John Peter Farnham
1909-07-11 London F Diana
   Ian Fleming
1908-05-28 London M Ian Fleming
   Moses Zangwill
1864-01-21 London M Moses Zangwill
   Annie Wood
1847 London F Annie Wood
   Harold Macmillan
1894-02-10 London M Harold Macmillan
   Ernest Frederick Allen
1888-03-10 London M Ernest Frederick Allen 24
   John Edward Hart
1880 London M John Edward Hart 31
   Natasha Jane Richardson
1963-05-11 London F Natasha Jane Richardson
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