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CompanyExpansion of London

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Companies in CompanyExpansion CompanyExpansion
date company location expansiontype status
   National Geographic Magazine
2008-11 National Geographic Magazine London New Unit known
   National Geographic Channel US
2008-11 National Geographic Channel US London New Unit known
   White & Case Llp
1970 White & Case Llp London New Unit known
   Goldman Sachs & Co.
1970 Goldman Sachs & Co. London New Market known
   Bank of Switzerland
1967 Bank of Switzerland London New Unit known
   The Seiyu Ltd.
1991 The Seiyu Ltd. London New Unit known
   The Royal Bank of Scotland
1874 The Royal Bank of Scotland London New Market known
   Louis Vuitton
1885 Louis Vuitton London New Market known
1871 Moody's London New Unit known
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