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Persons in PersonAttributes PersonAttributes
birthdate birthplace gender person age
   Harvey Herschel Korman
1927-02-15 Chicago M Harvey Herschel Korman
   Michelle LaVaughn Robinson
1964-01-17 Chicago F Michelle LaVaughn Robinson
   Edward Anthony Masen
1901-06-20 Chicago M Edward Anthony Masen 17
   Edward Hirsch Levi
1911-06-26 Chicago M Edward Hirsch Levi
   Sandra Cisneros
1954-12-20 Chicago F Sandra Cisneros
   Herbie Hancock
1940 Chicago M Herbie Hancock
   Ann Elizabeth Isham
1862-01-25 Chicago F Ann Elizabeth Isham 50
   Saul Alinsky
1909 Chicago M Saul Alinsky
   William L. Shirer
1904 Chicago M William L. Shirer
   Jonathan Cain
1950-02-26 Chicago M Jonathan Cain
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